Help my 1979 Honda CD185T Benly #ProjectBenly

My 1979 Honda CD185T Benly

A break in updated on Rescogs generally means one of two things. The first is that I’ve had to focus more on my day job to pay the bills (If you want to help out, I’d love to hear from you). The other cause is the 1979 Honda CD185T Benly currently inhabiting the garage. It […]

Our most popular posts of 2014


It’s the time of year when many of us are hoping for a sunny Christmas Day to get out for a quick blast when the roads are empty. And it’s been a good year at Rescogs. Despite some disruption behind the scenes, we’ve reached more people than ever, doubling the figures from 2013. We’d still […]

We need your votes in the UK Blog Awards

Blogging often feels like a massive uphill struggle. Very few people are lucky enough to become rich or even make a living. It’s something we do because of our passion for the subject, and because it’s an amazing way to share bikes, articles and opinions that might never have been seen anywhere else. That’s why […]

Our top 10 articles of 2013

Our top 10 articles of 2013

It’s been an interesting year for Rescogs, with some ups, some downs, and some great contributions from new contributors including Feef and Gareth. We’ve managed to reach tens of thousands of people over the course of the year, and interestingly three quarters of you have come back more than once, so we must be doing […]

Rescogs Road Runt Progress Update


Did we bite off more than we can chew with a basket case Yamaha FZR400 obtained from eBay for less than £100? Probably, is the obvious answer, but the Road Runt project is all about the challenge. And after the initial enthusiasm and excitement has worn off, we’re now able to see the actual size […]

The Rescogs Project Bike: Introducing the new Runt…


We’ve been talking about investing in a Rescogs project bike for a while, and now we’ve started for a total investment of £62. You might we wouldn’t get much for that, but you’d be wrong. OK, so it isn’t a runner, and we can’t ride it, and it’s not even complete, but it’s a decent […]

What to do with the Rescogs Mothership?


This Honda CBR1000FP was once my everyday ride. Bought for just £500 back in 2008, complete with almost 12 months MOT and an almost-new exhaust system, the big old CBR has done me proud. The true mileage is a mystery, as the MOT paperwork trail stopped at 97,000 miles, and the car-inspired dash admitting to […]

Help pick the first Rescogs Project Bike


So, the kids are back at school, the sun tans faded and days are getting shorter, that means only one thing, it’s time for the ResCogs community to start looking for a winter project? The biggest problem with the idea is what shall we get? I’m thinking something cheap that needs kicking straight, maybe something […]

Rescogs reputation

Rescogs reputation

In motorcycling, like anything else, the odd mistake is inevitable. You generally hope they’ll be private, painless and won’t involve any bike damage, like the occasional sidestand-related mishap. Sometimes they’re just plain embarrassing, like forgetting you’ve parked on a hill outside a crowded Welsh pub and trying to put your foot down on the wrong […]

Rescogs quoted in Avon Tyres Storm 3D X-M Press Release


It appears someone at Avon Tyres might be a fan of You might have seen the great report and video from the Castle Combe launch of the Avon Storm 3D X-M tyres by Richard Ashcroft, but Richard’s reaction has also been quoted in Avon’s official press release about the day. Not only is it […]