Versatile New LS2 Metro Evo Modular Helmet

Motorcycling has definitely become more about practicality over the last few decades. There’s been a huge rise in adventure and naked motorcycle sales. Meanwhile helmets and clothing tend to favour usability over design. For instance, the versatile new LS2 Metro Evo modular helmet. For under £200, you get the choice to go open face, full face, or add a peak for adventure style riding.

We’ve mentioned LS2 products before, including the Valiant which also switches between full and open-face designs, and uses many of the same materials. The main difference is that the Metro Evo also allows you to add the adventure sport peak, and has a slightly narrower and more angular frontal area, which makes for a more stylish and aggressive look.

And the Metro Evo is also £100 or so cheaper, which makes it even more impressive.

You still get an outer made from the Kinetic Polymar Alloy which LS2 claim has the flex to absorb energy, plus the resistance to penetration, which matches higher-end compsite motorcycle helmets. Plus a removable and washable hypoallergenic liner, and ventiliation including intakes, internal channels and exhaust ports to keep you cool.

The high-grade polycarbonate visor is scratch and UV-resistant. And it’s ready for a Pinlock. Inside is also a drop-down sun visor which removes the need to carry a separate, legally-debatable, tinted visor, or fiddle with sunglasses when the weather is good.

One reason for the higher price of the Valiant is the Bluetooth connectivity, which is becoming standard for many mid-priced and higher crash helmets. But the LS2 Metro Evo is still ready for a LINKIN Ride Pal Bluetooth communication set-up if you want to stay connected on the move.

The LS2 Metro Evo Helmet is available in sizes XXS to 3XL in solid and graphic paint schemes. The solid options are Solid White, Matt Black, Black or High Visibility Yellow. And graphics are Sub (White/Black), Rapid (Matt Black and High Visibility Yellow or Orange), and Firefly (Matt Black Light).

The LS2 Metro Evo Helmet costs £179.99 for the solid single paint designs and £189.99 for the graphic options. Which is pretty reasonable for a motorcycle helmet homologated for use as both a full-face and open-face helmet, and which can also tackle some light off-road and adventure riding if it takes your fancy.