Help pick the first Rescogs Project Bike

So, the kids are back at school, the sun tans faded and days are getting shorter, that means only one thing, it’s time for the ResCogs community to start looking for a winter project?

The biggest problem with the idea is what shall we get? I’m thinking something cheap that needs kicking straight, maybe something can be rescued from the breakers slab? These are a few of the gems that have slid into the garage never to return again.


Honda VF750F. The chocolate cam Honda, this one even had a crunchy base. Surprisingly prices for these once cutting edge chunks of Honda are on the rise, they also make a great basis for a Spencer rep. Seeing that we’re more Frank than Freddie, probably best avoided.


Honda VF750F. Was resold for £350, off for a life with a Freddie Spencer fan


Honda Hornet 600. Hmm, actually something like this could be a contender? They’re cheap and plentiful and they even look ok still after all these years. The engine goes on and on whilst the rest rusts around it, potential!


Ex London bike, everything was worn out, devoid of tax and mot and hope! Now in Poland


Honda NC24. Our Dan loves a grey import 400, they’re a good call for a project, most are clapped out and knackered, excellent starting point!


Don’t be fooled by the digital image, this was a turd. Sold to a NC24 hoarder who only really wanted the seat converter.


Kawasaki GPz900R. One of the few real classic super bikes that’s still affordable, never floated my boat but cheap speed all the same.


Top Fun. The GPz900R was a step forward for Kawasaki, the later RX and ZX10 were steps back. This one is now breaking for spares!


Kawasaki GPx600R. The forgotten 600, better than a GSX600F teapot but no where near as good as a CBR600. They are silly cheap though and breakers shelves still creak with plenty of used parts out there.


The Gpx600r, it’s cheap, nasty and an excellent project shout. This poor lil fella didn’t make it.


Kawasaki ZZR1100. Like the 900R the ZZR never really got me going, there’s not a single pretty angle despite how you look at it? That said projects can end up looking how you want, silly fast, excellent budget blaster material, trying to find one with its con rods still inside the engine is biggest challenge.


Cheap speed or expensive to run? This ZZR1100D was broken for spares despite the fact it ran perfectly.


Yamaha FZ750. Yamaha’s first proper 4 stroke sports bike, so much technology , well 5 valves per cylinder and a slanted block, set the stall out for the next 2 decades. FZ’s will dry up now they can race in classic classes – if you’ve always wanted one buy now.


Early 1FN frame, later 2MG engine, sold to a FZ collector


Honda CB650. With prices of most other SOHC Honda’s being on the high side there’s still the odd model if you fancy a classic Honda project? The CB650 is a perfect example. None of the class of the 750s but more puff than the 400/4 . Now being hunted down by café racer types and Bratz boys. They obviously never owned them in the day, rattle, clatter and Dave Silver parcels arriving on a regular basis.


Bought from an old boy who was retiring, sold to a bloke who had always wanted one. Strange world.


Dan’s started combing eBay, but the last time he went for a bargain bike, he ended up with a Honda CD185T Benly which ran OK until he actually got it home. So we need ideas and suggestions before he lands us with something similar.

And keep in mind Dan shares a similar height and build to Pedrosa, his Spanish MotoGP namesake, so if we end up with a massive adventure trailie he’ll look as miserable as if he’d just got Marc Marquez as a team-mate.


  1. Pete Boyles says:

    Got to be FZ750

  2. Ian Martin says:

    No contest FZ750

  3. Mickey thomas says:

    Defiantly FZ 750

  4. Adele says:

    I’ve always wanted a CBR400RR with a 600 motor in it. I guy called Graeme France used to build them for track dayers etc but if you make a decent job of it I might buy it off you for a modest fee :)

  5. Adele says:

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