The Kneedown rite of motorcycling passage

You always remember your first time. I’ve worked in the motorcycle industry all my adult life in one way or another, often exposed to the latest and greatest thing. But I was often the youngest, hardly ever taken seriously and mainly valued for my tea making skills. But hanging around the motorcycling scene from an […]

Should you nod to other motorcyclists?

One of the key issues in the motorcycling book of manners is the correct etiquette of nodding acknowledgement to other two-wheeled travelers. It’s a tricky subject, with the question of accepting those on smaller machines, trikes, weekend warriors etc all leading to the embarrassment of the non-returned nod.  And some motorcyclists don’t even indulge in […]

The model motorcyclist?


For more than 20 years of my adult life, I’ve enjoyed breaking motorcycles for a living. The crashed, bashed, munters and even minters if the sums add up. Some people just can’t understand why I do it. Yet they’re often the same people looking for a secondhand part to fix their own bike. But to […]

Why do we love motorcycles, anyway?


Motorcycles are expensive, inefficient and dangerous, and yet we still find ourselves inevitably drawn towards two wheels. Every non-rider in the world would cry ‘But they’re unsafe!’, yet you still yearn for the fix of that next blast. In the meantime you spend your time thumbing through endless bike mags and surfing websites. You know […]

Hang on – what happened to the Rescogs Mothership?


We’ve all put things down and forgotten about them. Usually it’s your keys, or an MOT certificate. But I’ve just remembered I’ve got a motorbike I completely forgot about! Anyone else remember The Mothership? It last crossed my mind more than 6 months ago, when I publicly wondered what to do with the £500 Honda […]

A.Kahn custom built by Lauge Jensen


The Lauge Jensen A.Kahn model is a bit of a break from our normal coverage of bargain secondhand finds and shed-built creations, but it’s interesting to see nonetheless. It’s a collaboration between Bradford-based ‘automotive fashion house’ A.Kahn Design, who usually specialise in custom work on exotic supercars and Danish custom builders Lauge Jensen. We don’t […]

Lucky Shot Images Photo Gallery

LuckyShotImages1 (7)

Even as a writer, sometimes it’s better to let the photos tell a story. As in this case – after putting a shout out for anyone with photos to share we had some emails and pictures we’ve finally started to upload. Like these from Sid at Lucky Shot Images. He didn’t include any contact details, […]

Motorcycle brochures – time capsule to the past…


Despite the rise of the internet, there’s still something exciting about motorcycle brochures for a then-new machine. Their only purpose was to get you interested in whichever model was featured, whether you were picking them up at a dealers, a show, or a race meeting. I found a whole stack of old brochures a few […]

When it’s time to retire your motorcycle helmet


For more than a decade now I’ve been wearing this Arai Kevin Schwantz replica. I know it’s out of date, and so far out of fashion it’s come back in again. Plus it’s probably dangerous considering the recommendations to replace motorcycle helmets every five years or so, as they degrade once they’re exposed to sunlight… […]

Fazer fails to make week 3


It’s funny how things don’t always go the way you thought they would. For example, my recent purchase of a Yamaha Fazer had been a sound choice on the whole. It was picked for everyday abilities more than the thrill factor, and it was delivering on that promise. The lack of a functioning rear caliper […]