National Motorcycle Museum hit by thieves


The National Motorcycle Museum has been hit by thieves who have stolen priceless trophies and caused thousands of pounds of damage in the process. While a list of what has been stolen is being compiled, there has been a £20,000 reward offered for information leading to their recovery. The losses are likely to include world […]

Changes to road tax laws


Make sure you are aware of new road tax laws which take effect from October this year. One of the new rules means you can’t sell the road tax with a vehicle. The most talked about aspect of the changes is that as of October 2014, paper road tax disks will no longer exist. From then on, you’ll […]

Honda MB-5 becoming a lightweight classic


The Honda MB-5 (Or Honda MB50) might have been slower than most of the other mopeds as the 1980s began, but it did have the looks to make other 50cc rivals look old hat. Starting with the Honda MB50SA in January 1980, suddenly the Yamaha FS1E and Suzuki AP50 looked like they were from an […]

Rare pair of collectable Kawasaki Z1s for sale


Want to kickstart a classic Kawasaki collection? There’s not just one low chassis number 1972 Kawasaki Z1 up for sale on eBay at the moment, but a pair of them! The duo are chassis numbers 212 and 213, with engine numbers 176 and 244. They’ve both been rebuilt and restored with new bearings, new valves […]

Fishing Poles and the UK used bike shortage


If you’re looking for a decent used motorcycle, you might find it’s tougher to locate the right bike at a good price than it was a few years ago. And it isn’t because we’ve suddenly all become too fussy. It’s because the once-full stream of previously loved machinery has been diverted elsewhere. The causes came […]

Building a Suzuki Katana to race at Spa


There’s never been a shortage of Suzuki Katana specials since the radical style of the GSX1100 first appeared in 1980. The factory themselves produced the GSX1000SZ in homologation quantities for superbike racing and a small number of specials to race in New Zealand and Australia. Meanwhile racers modified their own bikes for the grid and […]

BMF Tailend Show 2014 cancelled

BMF Tailend 2013 Sign

Having reported on the 2013 BMF Tailend show with an article titled ‘The End for the BMF Tailend‘, it’s still a shame to report that the 2014 event has been cancelled as the event organiser, Mulberry Events Limited, has gone into liquidation. The company was contracted to run the BMF Show and Tailend in Peterborough […]

Rare 1979 Ian Dyson Special Kawasaki KH-400 for sale


Spotted during our usual internet window shopping is this 1979 Ian Dyson Special Kawasaki 400cc Triple, which is actually based on a 250cc frame with a KH400 engine. It’s currently up for sale on eBay for £5,888. This particular bike was apparently restored by a retired engineer, and features a 3-into-one exhaust plus period rearsets. […]

The future of motorcycling is electric


Predictably there’s disagreement within the Rescogs community about electric motorcycles, but at the risk of trying to predict the future, I’m willing to go on record as saying electricity is the inevitable future for popular powered two-wheelers in the next decade. There are plenty of people willing to disagree based on their love of petrol […]

Reinventing the wheel


The 17-inch front wheel has been the choice of mainstream superbike manufacturers for almost two decades. But it wasn’t always this way. It was in the mid 1980s that the humble hoop at the front of bikes came in for some quite detailed attention. Kicking off the decade and most Japanese litre bikes such as […]