Hitting The Apex MotoGP Movie Trailer

Hitting The Apex MotoGP Movie Trailer

Writer and Director Mark Neale first released Faster, the MotoGP documentary narrated by Ewan McGregor back in 2003. Now his latest film, Hitting the Apex, is about to be released at selected UK cinemas from Wednesday, September 2nd. And this time Neale has Brad Pitt lending his voice to the film. In addition to Faster, […]

Shorter Slipscreen for the BMW R1200GS and Adventure

The Machineart Slipscreen for the BMW R1200GS and Adventure

Normally replacement screens for a motorcycle mean some whacking great addition for touring. But not the Machineart Slipscreen, which is designed for the 2013-15 liquid-cooled BMW R1200GS and Adventure. Instead the plan here was to ditch the higher original screen to improve the airflow in hotter weather, and when you’re sweating your bits off trying […]

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer gets Ventura Bike Pack System

Ventura Bike Pack System for the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

The Yamaha MT-09 Tracer is a versatile sports tourer. And it can now do even more with a Ventura Bike Pack System available. Fit the discrete L-Brackets and you can fit a Pack Rack, Sport Rack or Pillion Grab Handle in seconds. And with the Pack Rack slotted on, you can choose lightweight, soft and […]

Cheap Motorcycle Hunter: The BMW F650CS


The rise of the internet has actually made it harder to find good motorcycles at the cheaper end of the market. Combined with European exports, the choices for £1500-£2000 have become increasingly lean, especially if you want something which isn’t 20 years old and in need of renovation. So we’re going to ruin it further […]

Knox All Sports jacket aims to make textiles stylish

Knox All Sports Jacket in Grey/Black being modelled

Textile jackets are useful, practical, but often leave you looking like the Michelin Man or you’ve lost an argument with a billowing tent. It’s why leather jackets have always worked, but the Knox All Sports jacket could actually change that. First up is the fact Knox jackets are made from a textured woven twill. Which […]

Fancy one of the last ‘new’ Brammo electric bikes?

The last Brammo electric motorcycles available

Could the last ‘new’ stock of Brammo electric motorcycles become future classics? In the future when we’re all whizzing around on electric bikes, they might perhaps be seen in the same light as the earliest petrol classics, and there are still some ‘new’ examples left in showrooms in America. Brammo was originally founded in 2002, […]

BMW R1200R and RS hugger and mudguard from Wunderlich

Wunderlich Xtreme Rear Mudguard

Tired of cleaning grime and crap from under the rear of your BMW R1200R LC or BMW R1200RS LC? Both do come with a shock absorber guard, but it’s still a pain to clean everything off after a damp ride. The Wunderlich Xtreme Mudguard provides a sturdy ABS plastic solution mounted a cast aluminium support […]

Ventura luggage racks now include BMW R nineT and R1200R


Got a sleek and stylish BMW nineT or R1200R but need to fit some extra luggage space occasionally? Ventura have added both motorcycles to their fitment list, meaning you can now mount a luggage rack via existing points on the sub-frame. That means you can avoid scratching or damaging your BMW with straps and bungee […]

Help my 1979 Honda CD185T Benly #ProjectBenly

My 1979 Honda CD185T Benly

A break in updated on Rescogs generally means one of two things. The first is that I’ve had to focus more on my day job to pay the bills (If you want to help out, I’d love to hear from you). The other cause is the 1979 Honda CD185T Benly currently inhabiting the garage. It […]

Medway Cruise Motorcycles – August 2015

MedwayCruiseAugust2015Motorcycles (1)

The Medway Cruise is a meetup for cars and motorcycles which takes place on the first Thursday of the summer months in Kent. While the majority of people turning up are on four wheels, plenty of cool and interesting motorcycles and riders also come along. And while you can see the cars on our sister […]